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Our Backsplashes Tie It All Together

Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes come in all materials, patterns, shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Some are simple and versatile, while others are elaborate and bold. Our design specialist can help you decide which backsplashes will best compliment your taste, countertop or cabinet color, or overall theme. 

Our expert tiling services are only available when paired with another one of our services. 

Shop Tile From Our Partners & Enjoy Discounts!

While customers are invited source their tiles from anywhere, the following links will take you to our tile partners. Customers can receive special discounts on total job cost by ordering from these suppliers through our team. When ordering from our preferred suppliers, we manage 100% of  the ordering, delivery, and drop-off!

Arizona Tile

Emser Tile

Dal Tile


Design Tips:

Backsplashes can be mixed and matched!

Think: artisan tile above the stove and subway tile between the cabinets. You can use tile to create a focal point in your room. 

Simpler backsplashes tend to compliment smaller spaces, while busier splashes are more often found in larger rooms.

Get creative with the color of your grout to add an interesting design element or stick with something that  blends in.

Play With Color

Play With Pattern & Shape


Play With Design

Play With Texture

Tile Interior Design
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