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Design Elements

Mold Remediation
Classic Interior
Image by Andrea Davis

Embellish Your Space

Our design elements are a series of embellishments that bring character, beauty, charm, and the beloved "where-did-you-get-that" question from admirers.  They are the ultimate finishing touch.


We offer many design elements to choose from, including island wraps, beadboard and shiplap, wall and island paneling, crown moulding, wall painting, and floating  shelves. 

Design Elements Menu

Modification possibilities are nearly endless. If you have a thought or an inspirational picture, please discuss it with our design expert at the time of your consultation. Modifications not shown here are likely still achievable. 

Visit the "Pick Your Design Elements" page under the "Design it Your Way" tab for more. Start here.


Wall Painting 


Wall Paneling


Moulding for Ceilings, Windows & Doors


Fireplace Mantles &


Floating Shelves


Cabinet & Shelf Lighting

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